RSPCA slaughter of healthy cattle

There is no description for this despicable shooting by RSPCA NSW inspector and the entourage of enforcers who condoned this. You will see the hay feed stack behind the inspector bumbling through her scripted lies.

Video footage is from RSPCA NSW own camera of the event and slaughter they used in court as evidence….

This is but one of many farm animal execution by the same team from RSPCA NSW although 10 years on the system is still in place with power crazed inspectors protected by the very laws they violate.


The Ruth Downey RSPCA Inquisition

You need to read this factual inquiry of 70 year old farmer Ruth Downey (now 80 years on) who had her cattle slaughtered by the RSPCA and the nursing calves left without their mothers, NO FOOD. Click the picture to download the disgusting story that is far from a first time event, there are many, many more prosecuted by the private law firm of the then NSW-RSPCA president and a fellow director leaving her with a $700.00 debt.

Animal advocacy slams parliamentary inquiry

INVERELL-based animal advocacy and rescue group Dogs Without Borders has slammed the outcome of the parliamentary inquiry into puppy factories.

The group’s Judy Scrivener said the government had missed a golden opportunity in not adopting more recommendations from the inquiry, which was chaired by Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall.

“I am extremely disappointed,” she said.

Mrs Scrivener said the education would only work if people were willing to learn.

“Most puppy farmers already operate illegally – they do not declare money and hide away, which indicates their (intentions),” she said. “Education is not going to work.”

She said she was also disgusted the government had not adopted recommendations that someone had to live on-site at puppy farms.

“We’re talking dogs that are highly intelligent and actively seek out human companionship and company, particularly whelping dogs,” Ms Scrivener said.

“If there is nobody there when a bitch starts birthing, if she has problems, she will die, or the puppies will die. I find it utterly disgusting to say that nobody needs to be in residency.”

The animal welfare advocate said the recommendations supported also didn’t touch on the number of breeding animals a facility could have.

“That is free range for the likes of some puppy farmers who have 300-plus puppies,” Ms Scrivener said.

“This was a golden opportunity and the government has let it pass.”

She said the government also did not support council development control terms that would ensure council approvals met the animal welfare code.

“How could they not support that?” she said. “That is the basis of what all this is all about.”

Mrs Scrivener said the inquiry was a way to placate animal activists, but it had not worked.

“I think it was an attempt to placate the very fast-growing animal welfare and rescue groups who are fed up with a lack of action, motherhood statements and throwaway lines and they think this will make them go away and shut up,” she said.

“This was a huge waste of money that has done the exact opposite.”


Dogs without borders Australia was established to advocate for the closure of all puppy factories.

We continue to pressure those agencies tasked by law, with monitoring and ensuring that existing legislation and codes of practice are adhered to, are themselves held accountable for their actions as well as their lack of due diligence in following through on cruelty matters.

The RSPCA, Local Councils and Government  are part of our target group when fighting for changes to the existing laws and codes of practice. If we believe ourselves to be a civilised society, then our actions must stand strong in closing down intensive breeding factories where dogs live in loneliness and suffering. Help us end this cruel practice. Support and speak up that there is no place for puppy factories in our country. Be the voice to make a difference!

“We must fight against the spirit of unconscious cruelty with which we treat the animals. Animals suffer as much as we do. True humanity does not allow us to impose such sufferings on them. It is our duty to make the whole world recognize it. Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, humanity will not find peace. ~Albert Schweitzer, The Philosophy of Civilization”